Frank Fierle

The Legend Lives On

About Frank

Frank has been an Elvis fan all of his life. He was exposed to it from his Elvis Mega-fan Aunt and always enjoyed the sound of all of the Kings music from the 50's through the 70's.

When Frank was in Junior High he tried his hand at performing for the first time by airbrushing one of his fathers old garage jumpsuits into a makeshift Elvis Jumpsuit. Singing Heartbreak Hotel, he one the first talent show he was ever in and was hooked. He repeated the one song act through High School with the same results.

In college, Frank performed at the school parties and get-togethers expanding his range to include more songs to a crowd that loved it and encouraged him to do more. Like most post college stories, Frank started working and got farther away from his love of performing. It started coming back with some stage shows where he played Kinickie in Grease, and started focusing on his voice on his own time.

Everything changed in 2005 when Frank went to a popular night club where radio Legend Jerry Blavat "The Geater with the Heater" was DJing and Frank asked to sing a song. Reluctantly, Blavat gave him the microphone and Frank sang Can't help falling in love with you. The crowd loved it and Jerry looked at Frank and said, "Ya know, you don't sound like an Elvis Impersonator." To which Frank said, I was just singing a song....what does that mean!? Jerry said..."No. you sound the way Elvis really sounds! You can make a good career out of that!"

With that, Frank bought a cheap Elvis Jumpsuit, convinced a local club owner to allow him to do a full show and was off. The show was a success, the reaction was great and Frank and his wife, Laynee decided to invest in the "real" Stage outfits, put money into production and really do it right in a way that would make Elvis himself proud.

Since then, Frank has done shows all over the world pleasing audiences with his beautiful stage costumes, first rate professional show and his uncanny vocal resemblance to the King of Rock and Roll. He has won peoples choice awards at multiple competitions, played casino's opera houses and everything in between. He was even the official Elvis for one of the most popular and longest running Elvis radio programs in the country based out of Philadelphia.

His show is fantastic step back in time that reminds people exactly what made Elvis the King of Rock and Roll, and the crowd loves him. Frank makes every person in the crowds feel the love and passion for the music and always leaves them wanted more. It is a show not  to be missed.